Jamun Seed Powder – Loaded with Innumerable Health Benefits

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Jamun is a popular fruit that is usually grown during the summer and rainy seasons in India. This fruit is known to provide several benefits to health so it is used as an herb in Ayurveda. Not only the fruits but even the leaves and seeds of the fruit are extensively used in the making of herbal medicine. Many of us are not aware of the benefits of Jamun seeds and so we throw them out but the seeds of Jamun are very beneficial to health. The seeds of this fruit are rich in nutrients like sugar, fat, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and antioxidants and hence are extremely beneficial in treating diabetes as well as curing arthritis and anemia. Jamun seeds are also rich in minerals like calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, etc.

Jamun Seed Powder

Multiple Health Benefits of Jamun Seeds Powder

Control Diabetes – Ayurveda has revealed that Jamun seeds are beneficial for people suffering from type-2 diabetes, as it helps in reducing blood sugar level and stimulate insulin secretion. The intake of Jamun seed powder also controls the problem of frequent urination and excessive thirst. Jamun seeds have high amounts of antioxidants so it is considered a boon for diabetes patients.

Control Blood Pressure – Due to the presence of good amounts of antioxidants and nutrients, Jamun seeds powder helps in regulating blood pressure levels. Thus regular consumption of this powder is beneficial in controlling blood pressure.

Prevent Anemia - Jamun seeds have some properties to clean the blood and remove toxins from the body so the seed powder is beneficial in preventing anemia. Jamun being a rich source of iron helps in overcoming anemia and is beneficial in getting rid of anemia.

Overcome Stomach Problems – Scientifically it has been proven that Jamun has a cooling effect on the body and hence the powder of the seeds is effective in curing stomach problems. Constipation occurs if the metabolic activity of the stomach does not work properly, and hence Jamun seeds contain a good amount of fiber it helps to relieve constipation. Besides Jamun seed powder also cures indigestion and other gastrointestinal problems.

Enhance Immunity – The seeds of the Jamun fruit contain powerful antioxidants like flavonoids and phenolic compounds that keep harmful free radicals at bay and also help to enhance the body’s immune system.

Strengthen teeth – Jamun seeds have a good amount of calcium and vitamin C that helps in strengthening teeth and gums and also help to reduce gingivitis.

Process of Making Jamun Seeds Powder

Knowing so many benefits of Jamun seeds has surely generated our interest in knowing the process of making Jamun seeds powder. Jamun seeds are first collected and washed before properly drying those seeds in the sun. After the seeds get completely dried in the sun, the outer covering of the seed is peeled off, and then broken into smaller pieces before grinding it to the fine powder with the help of a mixer grinder. The prepared powder should be kept in a vial to keep its nutrient and freshness intact.


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