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During flu season many other respiratory viruses also circulate and can cause symptoms similar to those seen with flu infection. These respiratory viruses include rhinovirus (one cause of the common cold) and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

Whats RSV?

Full form of RSV is respiratory syncytial virus. RSV is the most common cause of severe respiratory illness in young children as well as a leading cause of death from respiratory illness in those aged 65 years and older. Its cure nowadays has become an important step for a healthy lifestyle.


RSV symptoms:

RSV symptoms adults and children are similar to mild cold symptoms but being precise the signs of rsv include:

  1. Running nose
  2. Decrease in appetite
  3. RSV Cough
  4. Sneezing
  5. Fever
  6. Wheezing – high pitched voice heard while exhaling.
  7. Headache

RSV in infants:

Knowledge of RSV symptoms infants is important for parents to keep a check on their infant. Although rsv cures within one or two weeks in children and adults. Let’s see how to cure rsv below.

  1. Short and rapid breathing
  2. Cough
  3. Poor feeding
  4. Unusual tiredness
  5. Irritability


RSV prevention:

We can treat RSV by having homeopathic medicines and by following these 3-step plan:

  1. Control fever- We have to manage the fever, rsv sickness and pain by taking medicines, you can have homeopathic medicines or pain relievers as well.
  2. Drink enough liquids- Prevention of dehydration is vital for a rsv patient. You can drink fruit juices, water and even healthy shakes.
  3. Having homeopathic medicines- Homeopathy is the best natural medication system where your infant or even elders face no side effects. It’s very simple to include homeopathic medicines into your lifestyle.


Which homeopathic medicines to take for rsv treatment:

  1. Bryonia – It shows relief in sneezing, cough and fever. It’s available in many top brands like boiron homeopathy, SBL, Dr Reckeweg, Adel Germany and many more. Shop directly: Buybryonia
  2. Causticum – It helps in sore throat and cold. It’s too available in many best homeopathic brands like SBL, Willmar schwabe, Boiron, Adel, Dr Reckeweg, Lords and many more. Shop directly: BuyCausticum 
  3. Silicea – Treats headache and irritability. It’s available in top homeopathy brands like SBL, Dr Reckeweg, Lords, Adel Germany, B Jain and many more.  Shop directly: BuySilicea



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