ADEL Kali Sulph Dilution 200 CH (10ml)

ADEL Kali Sulph Dilution 200 CH (10ml)

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Information about ADEL Kali Sulph Dilution 200 CH
Kali Sulph Dilution is a homeopathic preparation. Kali Sulph Dilution is used for various ailments.

Head ailments: Rheumatic headache, beginning in evening. Bald spots. Dandruff and scaldhead.
Ears ailments: Eustachian deafness. Discharge of yellow matter (Hydr).
Nose ailments: Cold, with yellow, slimy expectoration. Nose obstructed. Smell lost (Nat mur). Engorgement of the nasal pharyngeal mucous membrane, mouth breathing, snoring, etc, remaining after removal of adenoids.

Treatment for Face ailments: Aches in heated room. Epithelioma.
Stomach ailments: Tongue coated yellow and slimy. Insipid, pappy taste. Gums painful. Burning thirst, nausea, and vomiting. Load feeling. Dread of hot drinks.
Abdomen ailments: Colicky pains; abdomen feels cold to touch; tympanitic, tense. Yellow, slimy diarrhoea. Constipation, with haemorrhoids (Sulph).
Male ailments: Gonorrhoea; discharge slimy, yellowish-green. Orchitis. Gleet.
Female ailments: Menses too late, scanty, with feeling of weight in abdomen. Metrorrhagia.

Use under medical supervision

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