ADEL Plumbum Metallicum Trituration Tablet 3X (20gm)

ADEL Plumbum Metallicum Trituration Tablet 3X (20gm)

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Information about ADEL Plumbum Metallicum Trituration Tablet 3X
ADEL Plumbum Metallicum Mother Tincture is a homeopathy medicine in liquid form. This medicine is made through series of trituration or succussion process the drug into physical solubility state. It is mainly used in physiological assimilability, therapeutic activity and also as a homeopathic healing remedy.

Key Ingredients:
Plumbum metallicum

Key Benefits:
Helps in preventing muscular weakness
Cures lead poisoning and other causes leading to paralysis of limbs, twitching, trembling, numbness
Cures constipation
Difficulty in walking and coordination of limbs
Cures gout and cramps in calves
Prevents loss of knee reflex
Prevents gums from swelling with blue lines along margins and trembling tongue
Prevents stools hard, lumpy, black with urging and constriction of anus

Directions For Use:
Dosage should be directed by the physician. Maintain 30 minutes gap between drink, food or any other medication.Avoid strong smell in the mouth before taking a dose

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully
Self medication is not advised
Do not exceed the recommended dose
Keep out of the reach of children

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