ADEL Sulphur Dilution 1000 CH (10ml)

ADEL Sulphur Dilution 1000 CH (10ml)

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Information about ADEL Sulphur Dilution 1000 CH
ADEL Sulphur Dilution is a homeopathy medicine. It is made from sulphur springs which are well suitable for skin ailments such as pain, redness, burning, and inflammation. It is from mineral kingdom. It is also beneficial in treatment of stomach disorders like acidity and gastric issues.

Key Ingredients:
Sugar of milk
The saturated solution of sulphur
Absolute alcohol

Key Benefits:
Cures eczema, dry, scaly, allergies and unhealthy skin
Heals from psoriasis
Prevents stomach and abdomen issues
Reduces acidity
Relieves from breathlessness
Relieves from chest feeling heavy and loaded
Deals with irregular menses after delivery

Directions For Use:
Dosage should be directed by the physician. Maintain 30 minutes gap between drink, food or any other medication.Avoid strong smell in the mouth before taking a dose

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully
Self medication is not advised
Do not exceed the recommended dose
Keep out of the reach of children

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