ADEL Zinc Met Dilution 200 CH (10ml)

ADEL Zinc Met Dilution 200 CH (10ml)

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Information about ADEL Zinc Met Dilution 200 CH
ADEL Zinc Met Dilution influences the nervous system and treats mind exhaustion. It provides relief from depression and other brain and spinal ailments. Suppressed eruption, convulsion and involuntary movement is improved by the use of this medicine. Many types of chronic brain diseases and trembling sensations are reduced with it?s action. It helps in treating many respiratory ailments and cures menses problem in women.

Key Ingredients:
Zincum metallicum with alcohol

Key Benefits:
Improves dullness of mind, weak memory and aversion to talk or walk
Relieves from fainting sensation and headache with brain-fag in children
Relieves eyeball pain, eyelid/inner eyes soreness/itching, vision problems and treats swollen, reddish conjunctiva
Treats ear pain with external inflammation and pus discharge
Treats facial bone pain and pale lips
Helps against swollen gums and loose teeth
Relieves dry throat and pain in throat muscle
Relieves sore liver and flatulent colic pain in abdomen
Prevents involuntary urination
Helps relieve diarrhoea and constipation
Helps against testicle inflammation and emission leading to normal erection in males
Relieves pain in the ovarian region in women

Directions For Use:
Consult a doctor before taking medicine for an exact condition

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before use
Do not exceed the recommended dose
Keep out of the reach of children
Store in a cool and a dry place

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