Allen Immunity Booster Tablet (25g)

Allen Immunity Booster Tablet (25g)

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About Allen Immunity Booster Tablets

Allen's Immunity Booster Tablet is a very effective homeopathic medicine to help naturally strengthen your body's defense mechanism and assist it in the fight against disease causing germs including harmful bacteria and viruses. It can also assist your body in the battle against cold, cough and other such common ailments. Let's fight together against Omicron and COVID delta variant with immunity boosters.
Ingredients of Allen Immunity Booster Tablets

Each Tablet contains:

Nux Vomica 3x- 4mg.
Bryonia Alba 3x- 4mg.
Phosphorus 6C- 4mg.
Arsenicum Album 6C- 2mg.
Chininum Sulphuricum 6C- 2mg.
Gelsemium Sempervirens 3x- 4mg.
Zincum Metallicum 3x- 4mg.

In Lactose Base.
Uses/Benefits of Allen Immunity Booster Tablets

Helps in fighting off harmful germs
Assists in boosting your body's natural defense mechanism
Aids in strengthening your body from within
Can help in fighting general weakness during

Possible Side-Effects of Allen Immunity Booster Tablets

No side effects as such have been reported but in case you notice any, discontinue the use immediately and consult your physician
Dosage of Allen Immunity Booster Tablets :

As directed by your healthcare professional

Precautions to be taken while using Allen Immunity Booster Tablets :

Do not consume more than the given dosage
Read the directions carefully while using the product
Store in a cool, dry, and dark place away from moisture
Keep it somewhere out of the reach of children

Additional Information regarding Allen Immunity Booster Tablets

100% Genuine Product
Results may vary with the lifestyle and diet adopted
Pregnant & lactating women should consult their doctor before taking any medication or health supplement
Depending upon the lighting and screen resolution, the color of the product may slightly vary

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