Allen Tonokid Childern Tonic (100ml)

Allen Tonokid Childern Tonic (100ml)

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Allen Tonokid Childern Tonic
A health children tonic useful in development, building up tissues and immunity. It is useful in debility, marasmus and improves the assimilation.

Indications of Allen Tonokid Childern Tonic
It helps to relieve the weakness, emaciation
It helps in absorption and assimilation
For digestive complaints.
It helps is reducing the frequent attacks of illness by improving the immunity.
Action of Ingredients in Allen Tonokid Childern Tonic
Lecithin: Helps in improvement of nutrition and general health overall.

Oleum Jac: It is useful for emaciated (weak) children who cannot tolerate milk.

Avena sativa: Energy tonic for males, Improves Immunity

12 Tissue salts: It improves overall health, height complaints digestions and many more.

Glycerinum: It acts deeply and long, building up tissue, in emaciation, improves the general state of nutrition.

China: : Debility, weakness from exhausting discharges, from loss of vital fluids, Slow digestio, hungry without appetite. Hungry longing for food, which lies undigested.

Lycopodium: Complaints of stomach and abdomen that are aggravated after eating.

Embelica Off: It has immunity boosting, antiaging, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action.

Medicago sativa

Allen Tonokid Childern Tonic
One o two teaspoon after food 3 times a day.

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