Bio India Bach Flower Walnut (30ml)

Bio India Bach Flower Walnut (30ml)

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Bach Flower Walnut
Protecting from Change and Outside influences

Over-sensitive to certain ideas, atmosphere and influences.
May be affected by a dominating personality, a forceful circumstance, a link with the past, a family tie or a binding habit, any of which situations can hinder and frustrate plans or even a course of life.
Bach Flower Walnut gives protection against the adverse effects of over-sensitivity to certain ideas, atmosphere and influences.Bach Flower Walnut is the Remedy for the transition stages in life teething, puberty, menopause and is definitely the link-breaking, spell-breaking and bond-freeing remedy.Bach Flower Walnut is of much value when making big decisions such as changing religion, occupation or when moving home.When taking "great steps forward", breaking away from old conventions, restrictions, etc. and when starting a new way, often with attendant sufferings of severance from valued associations.This Bach flower remedy (Walnut) is the remedy for change. It helps those who have difficulty settling into a new environment, new job or routine, a different country or new home. It helps to break the link with the past so that life can start afresh, from old ties and memories. It is helpful during any changes in life from marriage, divorce or moving house to the major growth milestones of feelings puberty and menopause and can help with the adjustment to childbirth and to the changes during the menstrual cycle.The Bach Flower remedy Walnut also helps us to keep our chosen path in life protecting us from the ideas and influences of others that may lead us astray, and from those disturbing environmental influences which disrupt our peace and taunt our thoughts and which may cause us to lose sight of our true destination. Those who need Bach Flower Walnut remedy are often sensitive people who are easily disturbed by such disruptive influences. This remedy helps to guide us through these events in life so that we do not lose our way.

Human Indication of Bach Flower Walnut
Protection from outside influences and energies. Helps you adjust to major changes.

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