Bio India Bach Flower Wild Oat (30ml)

Bio India Bach Flower Wild Oat (30ml)

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Bach Flower Wild Oat
Uncertainity, re-correct path in life

Undecided as to what to. Uncertainty (also see Scleranthus). Things not clear, causing despondency and dissatisfaction.
Talented and ambitious-tries many things but none brings happiness becomes frustrated and depressed. Can feel bored.
Of assistance in selecting a career.
This Bach flower remedy (Wild Oat) is for those who feel they have come to a crossroads in life and do not know which way to go. They want to do something fulfilling but are not certain in which direction they should channel their energies. The Bach Flower Wild Oat may have tried several careers or a variety of lifestyles but still do not feel content. They are "lost souls" who feel they have not yet found their niche in life and are filled with dissatisfaction. The Bach Flower Wild Oat remedy helps these people to see the way ahead more clearly so that they may pursue their true vocation.Symptoms may include despondency, general dissatisfaction and uncertainty, feeling of frustration, boredom, often find themselves in uncongenial environments and occupations.

Human Indication of Bach Flower Wild Oat
When you are uncertain of correct path in life. Helpful when you need to make important decisions.

Dosage of Remedy Wild Oat
Unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor, 20 drops dissolved in water 3 times a day, for prophylaxis 10 drops 2 times a day.

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