Dabur Vedic Suraksha Green Tea | Builds Immunity | Contains Ayurvedic Herbs Like Tulsi , Daalchini , Shunthi , Black Pepper and Kishmish -25 Tea Bags

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About this item

  • Contains the goodness of 5 ayurvedic herbs which help boost immunity
  • tulsi - helps relieve stress antioxidant action
  • kali mirch immune modulator helps relieve congestion
  • daalchini good for metabolism good for digestive health
  • kishmish good for heart health helps relieve fatigue
  • shunthi good for respiratory health good for brain health

Product description

For more than 130 years, Dabur has been serving the natural goodness of Ayurveda with its wide range of products. Vedic Suraksha Tea offers the benefits of 5 Indian herbs and a refreshing taste of carefully selected tea leaves. • Immunity Tea: Increases Natural Killer Cells activity by upto 17% which helps to fight day to day infections • Contains the benefits of 5 ayurvedic herbs that help boost immunity Tulsi – helps relieve stress antioxidant action Kali Mirch – immune modulator, helps relieve congestion Daalchini – improves metabolism and digestion Kishmish – enhances heart health and helps relieve fatigue Shunthi – promotes respiratory health and brain health • Undergoes a rigorous quality check to bring only the best product to your doorstep

From the manufacturer

vedic tea; green tea ; herbal tea ;dabur
vedic tea; green tea ; herbal tea ;dabur
vedic tea; green tea ; herbal tea ;dabur
vedic tea; green tea ; herbal tea ;dabur

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