Dr. Reckeweg Bio Combination Tablet 20 (20g)

Dr. Reckeweg Bio Combination Tablet 20 (20g)

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Dr. Reckeweg Bio Combination 20
BC 20- Skin Diseases.
Composition of Dr. Reckeweg Bio Combination 20
Calcarea fluorica - 6x
Calcarea sulphurica - 6x
Natrum muriaticum - 6x
Kalium sulphuricum - 3x
Natrum sulphuricum - 3x
Indications of Dr. Reckeweg Bio Combination 20
Acne, cracks, whitlow
Eczema due to uterine disorders
Scurfy eruptions on the scalp and faces of the children
Psoriasis, herpes, similar eruptive diseases.
It is also indicated in post-operative adhesion and sycotic excrescences.
Action of Biochemic medicine in Dr. Reckeweg Bio Combination 20
Calcarea fluorica - 6x skin becomes dry and cracked and soles and palms become very sensitive. Scar tissue; adhesions after operations. Chaps and cracks. Fissures or cracks in the palms of the hands, or hard skin, fistulous ulcers, secreting thick, yellow pus.

Calcarea sulphurica - 6x Pimples and acnes in face. Cold head with thick discharges, All kinds of skin rashes; over the whole body. Carbuncles, chilblains, abscesses and inflammations.

Natrum muriaticum - 6x Dry eruptions, especially on margin of hairy scalp and bends of joints, fever blisters, urticaria, itch and burn. Crusty eruptions in bends of limbs, margin of scalp, behind ears. Warts on palms of hands. Eczema, raw, red, and inflamed.

Kalium sulphuricum - 3x Psoriasis (Ars; Thyroid). Eczema; burning, itching, papular eruption Ring-worm of scalp or beard with abundant scales.

Natrum sulphuricum - 3x Itching while undressing, warts like eruption on skin, out-breaks on skin; discharging, moist; yellow, watery blisters, wart-like red lumps all over body.

Dosage of Dr. Reckeweg Bio Combination 20
Adults : 4 tablets every three hours or four times a day.

Children : 1 to 2 tablets 4 times a day.

Terms and Conditions
Homeopathic products have several uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending upon the conditions.

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