Dr. Reckeweg Fagopyrum Esculentum 1000 CH Dilution (11ml)

Dr. Reckeweg Fagopyrum Esculentum 1000 CH Dilution (11ml)

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Dr. Reckeweg Fagopyrum Esculentum (Dilution)
Tincture of the whole mature plant.

Common Name: Buckwheat

Causes & Symptoms for Dr. Reckeweg Fagopyrum Esculentum
Visible pulsation of the carotids and other arteries.
Headaches involving eyes, root of nose, and back of neck, hot head
Heat and restlessness after retiring.
The itch that tend to get steadily worse through the day and by evening, tendency to dry skin.
Mind and Head

Inability to fix attention.

Head hot and neck tired, dull pain all through head in evening.

Itching of scalp worse sitting still in warm room.

Eyes, ear, nose

Itching in and around eyes and ears indicates Fagopyrum Esculentum.

Feeling as if eyeballs were being pushed out, eyes swollen, red, hot, itching, as if sand in eyes.

Heat, itching and neuralgic pains in external ears. Crusts in nostrils. Nose red and sore externally.

Mouth and Throat

Bad taste in mouth in morning. Lips dry and cracked

Throat sore, dry, raw, inflamed, aching, tonsils swollen.

Parotid and submaxillary glands swollen, sore, and painful indicates Fagopyrum Esculentum.

Stomach and abdomen

Sharp sticking through liver, eructation, nausea better by eating indicates Fagopyrum Esculentum.

Soreness in hypogastrium, sharp pains through hypogastric region extending into left inguinal region.

Stool and Anus

Burning in rectum after stool, with flatulence, very offensive indicates Fagopyrum Esculentum.

Urinary complaints

Cutting pains in urethra. Difficulty in voiding last drops of urine indicates Fagopyrum Esculentum.

Male complaints

Profuse, offensive sweat of genital organs indicates Fagopyrum Esculentum.

Female complaints

Pruritus, better by cold water. Mammae less painful than usual before period.

Neck and Back

Stiffness of neck and soreness of all neck muscles indicates Fagopyrum Esculentum.

Stitching pains in region of right kidney, neck tired unable to support head.


Pain in hands as if in bones, worse touching cold table. Numbness from knees down.

Pain in left axilla extending down arms indicates Fagopyrum Esculentum.


Excessive itching, with or without eruption, on hairy portions of body generally, worse in afternoon, 5 to 7.

Side effects of Dr. Reckeweg Fagopyrum Esculentum
There are no such side effects. But every medicine should be taken following the rules as given.

It is safe to take the medicine even if you are on other mode of medication like allopathy medicines, ayurvedic etc.

Homeopathic medicines never interfere with the action of other medicines.

Dosage and rules while taking Dr. Reckeweg Fagopyrum Esculentum
Take 5 drops in half cup of water three times a day.

You can also medicate the globules and take 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

We recommend you to take under physicians guidance.

Precautions while taking Dr. Reckeweg Fagopyrum Esculentum
Always keep a gap of 15 minutes before or after meals when you take medicine.

If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a homeopathic practitioner before use.

Avoid eating tobacco or drinking alcohol during the course of medication.

Terms and Conditions
Homeopathic products have several uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending upon the conditions.

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