Hamdard Habbe Amber Momyai (10tab)

Hamdard Habbe Amber Momyai (10tab)

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About Hamdard Habbe Amber Momyaee
It is Unani medicine for male libido, increased sex drive and sexual desire. Hamdard Habbe Amber Momyaee is an good aphrodisiac that helps in sexual weakness during coitus. It is very good in impotency and erectile dysfunction. Hamdard Habbe Amber Momyaee improves sexual debility and erections. Hamdard Habbe Amber Momyaee is a nervine tonic that helps in the production of semen in cases of low sperm count.

Indication of Hamdard Habbe Amber Momyaee
Premature Ejaculation
Male Libido
Vigour & Vitality
Sexual Debility
Male Infertility
Low Sperm Count
Erectile Dysfunction
Male Impotency
Ingredients of Hamdard Habbe Amber Momyaee
Asphaltum Purified/ Momyai
Pistacia lentiscus/ Mastagi
Mytilus margaritiferus/ Marwareed Mehlool
Bambusa arundinacea/ Manna/ Tabasheer
Myrtus caryophyllus/ Qaranfal
Myristica fragrans/ Mace/ Bisbasa
Myristica fragrans/ Nutmeg/ Jauzbua
Centaurea behen/ Behman Safed
Salvia haematodes/ Behman Surkh
Cinnnamomum zeylanicum/ Darchini
Pastinaca sativa/ Shaqaqul Misri
Zingiber officinale/ Zanjbil
Doronicum hookeri/ Darunaj Aqrabi
Aquilaria agallocha/ Ood Hindi
Paeonia officinalis/ Ood Saleeb
Orchis latifolia/ Khusyatus Salab
Delphinium denudatum/ Jadwar
Ambra grasea/ Ambar Ashas
Serpentine/ Zahar Mohra
Pistacia vera Oil/ Roghan Pista
Dosage of Hamdard Habbe Amber Momyaee
Two pills to be taken at bedtime with 250 ml milk.

Keep away from children's reach.
Self medication is not recommended.
Store in dry and cool place.
Close medicine cap tightly after every use.
Keep medicine in original package and container.
Take Under the supervision of physician.

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