Hamdard Hair Oil (100ml)

Hamdard Hair Oil (100ml)

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About Benazir Hair Oil
Benazir Hair Oil is an effective herbal medicine for hair loss. Benazir Hair Oil is useful in curing of alopecia. It strengthens the hair follicles thus help in prevention of hair fall. Benazir Hair Oil comprises centipede minima, pheretima species and ovi testa. It is helpful in growing hair on the affected region of the scalp. Benazir Hair Oil has no side effects and contradictions.

Indications of Benazir Hair Oil
Checks falling of hair.
Oil helps in growth and nourishing of hair roots.
It also imparts the cooling effect to the head.
Ingredients of Benazir Hair Oil
Roghan Kunjad
Halela Siyah
Coconut Oil
Dosage of Benazir Hair Oil
Benazir Hair Oil massage gently over the head for few minutes 1-2 times a day.

Precautions of Benazir Hair Oil
keep away from children's reach.
Self medication is not recommended.
Store in dry and cool place.
Close medicine cap tightly after every use.
Keep medicine in original package and container.

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