Himalaya HimTox

Himalaya HimTox

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HimTOX is a broad spectrum dipolar toxin binder and mould inhibitor that binds majority of mycotoxins and pesticide residues present in feed. HimTOX is formulated using dipolar HSCAS and bentonite for effective binding of wide variety of toxins present in the feed.

Toxin Binder HimTOX contains dipolar HSCAS and bentonite, which binds with a wide range of toxins like all types of aflatoxins, Fusarium toxins and penicillium toxins. Activated charcoal and MOS present in HimTOX also adsorbs a wide range of toxins present in feed.

Mould inhibitor Organic acid present in HimTOX prevents mould growth and improves the palatability of feed.

Hepatoprotective HimTOX contains Andrographis paniculata a well known herb for hepatoprotection. It is rich in Bitters class of compound e.g. diterpene lactones like - andrographolide, deoxyandrographolide and neo andrographolide for its hepatoprotective action.