Lords Kreosotum 30 CH Dilution (30ml)

Lords Kreosotum 30 CH Dilution (30ml)

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Lords Kreosotum(Dilution)
Kreosote, a product of the distillation of pyroligneous acid and of tar

Common Name: Kreosote or Creosote

Causes & Symptoms for Lords Kreosotum
Excoriating discharges, Pulsations all over the body, Profuse bleeding from small wounds are characterestics of this remedy.
Prolonged hemorrhage from the passages; hemorrhage from the kidneys, from the eyes, the nose, the uterus is relieved with Kreosotum.
Rapid emaciation, with spongy, burning ulceration, pus acrid, ichorous, fetid and yellow.
The parts with which the discharge comes in contact itch and burn, while scratching does not relieve but inflames the parts.
Burning pains are a marked feature of Kreosotum.
Mind and Head

State of irritability, patient wants everything and is satisfied with nothing, weakness of memory, restlessness when seated.

Chronic headache accompanied with great drowsiness, the headaches sometimes commence on waking in morning.

Vertigo, which causes falling, sometimes in morning in open air is relieved with Kreosotum.

Headache caused by mental emotions. Soreness of scalp in being touched, falling off of hair, Pimples on forehead.

Eyes, ear, nose

The lachrymation is excoriating. It excoriates the margins of the lids and cheeks, and they become red and raw, the eyes smart and burn, Burning and corrosive tears.

Itching in ears, shootings in ears, or cramp-like, pressive, and expansive pains with swelling of the cervical glands

Fluent coryza, Bad smell before nose indicates Kreosotum.

Mouth and Throat

The corners of the lips and mouth are red and raw indicates Kreosotum

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