Rex Sharbat Faulad (200ml)

Rex Sharbat Faulad (200ml)

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About Rex Sharbat Faulad
Uses and Effectiveness of Rex Sharbat Faulad
It stimulates the stomach and intestines
Improves the action of the liver and increases the red blood corpuscles (RBC).
It regulates the system of liver and stomach, improves appetite and strengthens body.
It is also helpful in cases of deficiency of blood in patients of debilitated heart and brain
Sharbat Faulad is composed of the following active ingredients
Hira Kasees,
Qand Safaid
Dosage of Sharbat Faulad
Adults: 10 ml (2 teaspoonful) after meals with fresh juice.
Child: 5 ml (1 teaspoonful) after meals with fresh juice.
During its usage, one day?s gap should be given in a week, or use under supervision of medical practitioner

Side effects of Sharbat Faulad
No side effects reported, but if you feel any problem please consult with your near health professional

Indication of Sharbat Faulad
Anaemia during pregnancy
Iron-deficiency anaemia
Haemorrhagic anaemia
Haemolytic anaemia
Nutritional anaemia
Loss of appetite
Run-down conditions and checks diseases caused by it.
Contraindications of Sharbat Faulad
If you are allergic with it's ingredients, please avoid to use or consult with your near health professional

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