SBL Acidum Muriaticum Mother Tincture 1X (Q) (30ml)

SBL Acidum Muriaticum Mother Tincture 1X (Q) (30ml)

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SBL Acidum Muriaticum
Common Name: Hydrochloric acid

Causes & Symptoms for SBL Acidum Muriaticum
Muriaticum Acidum has marked action in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Anus is sensitive with or without hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoids are very sensitive and painful to touch. It is swollen and blue and may suddenly appear in children. It is too sore to bear the least touch. Even the touch of bed sheet is uncomfortable. There is also prolapse of anus with hemorrhoids while urinating.
It is also helpful in hemorrhoids during pregnancy.
Muriaticum Acidum also helps in diarrhoea while urinating, with involantary stool. Cannot urinate without passing stools. Involantary stools even while passing wind.
Muriaticum Acidum is also useful in mouth and tongue affections. Mouth is studded with ulcers, which are deep and perforating having black or dark base with offensive breath.
Tongue is coated at edges. Tongue is shrunken, dry and leather like.
Muriaticum Acidum is also indicated in typhoid caused due to heat of summer or sun. Debility and prostration is out of proportion to illness.
The patient slides down in bed with debility and lower jaw hanging down. There is more chill than heat. Hands are cold and cheeks are hot.

Muriaticum Acidum relieves headache provoked by walking in open air, and especially by a sharp wind.
Headache, worse by rising up in bed, and by moving the eyes (better by moving the body), disappearing on taking exercise.
It is useful in headache, feels as if brain were bruised, torn, or demolished.

Otalgia (with pressive pain), like spasmodic and acute pullings is relieved by Muriaticum Acidum.
It is useful in complaint of Hardness of hearing and deafness, Acuteness of hearing, with sensibility to noise.
Tinkling, buzzing, and whistling before the ears is relieved by it.

Muriaticum Acidum is useful in ulceration of nostrils, - Sore nostrils with stinging pain.
It relieves obstruction of nose, coryza, with thick yellow, or serous and corrosive mucus.
Muriaticum Acidum is helpful in complaint of continuous bleeding from nose.
Coryza, with itching, tickling, and sneezing is relieved by it.

It is useful in odontalgia, with pulsative pain, worse by cold drinks, better by heat.
Toothache, with sensation of pressing as under indicates Muriaticum Acidum.
It is useful for Scorbutic gums, swollen, easily bleeding and ulcerating.

It is useful in Dryness of mouth, with numbness of tongue, Heaviness of tongue, when speaking, as if it were made of lead, which prevents him from talking.
It is well indicated for Deep-seated ulcers (with black base), vesicles, or pustules on tongue.

Sore throat, with pain as from excoriation, rawness, and smarting in throat and palate is relieved by it.
It is also useful in swelling of uvula, of tonsils.
Attempting to swallow produces violent spasms and choking is relieved by it.

It is useful in complaint of Vomiting of food, - Vomiting of bile, at night, with nausea and eructations.
Contractive pain in stomach, with sensation as if it were retracted is relieved by it.

Fullness and inflation of the abdomen, from small quantities of food indicates Muriaticum Acidum.
There is sensation of emptiness in abdomen.
Stool and Anus

Difficult evacuations of feces, as from inactivity of rectum indicates Muriaticum Acidum.
Diarrhea, with smarting and when burning in rectum and anus is relieved by it.
It is indicated for hemorrhoids protruding like a bunch of grapes.
Swollen and bluish Bleeding hemorrhoids, with burning pain as from excoriation, worse by touch.
Urinary Organs

Frequent want to urinate, with abundant emission, Slow emission of urine indicates this remedy.
It is useful in complaint of weakness of bladder, Involuntary discharge of urine.
Male Sexual Organs

It is useful in Soreness in the margin of prepuce.
It relieves itching of scrotum not better by scratching.
Feeling of weakness in genital organs, penis relaxed.
Female Sexual Organs

Sensation of a bearing down towards genital organs is relieved by it.
Muriaticum Acidum is useful in ulcers in genitals, with putrid discharge, much sensitiveness and general weakness.
Too early menses, and too profuse indicates Muriaticum Acidum.
Respiratory Organs

Hoarseness, with sore feeling in chest is relieved by it.
Violent and sobbing cough, followed by a gurgling in bottom of chest is well helped by this remedy.
It is useful in lancinating pains in chest, during a violent movement, and during inspiration.
Heart and Pulse

It relieves stitches in chest, and on heart, when taking a long breath and on violent motion.
Pulse rapid and very feeble, and small.

Muriaticum Acidum relieves aching pain in back, as from having been having bent double for a long time, or from a strain.
Shootings in shoulder-blades is well relieved.

Contusive pains in all joints is relieved by Muriaticum Acidum.
Dropsical swellings can be checked by it. Great sensitiveness to damp weather.
Itching, voluptous and lancinating tickling over the skin, with want to scratch.
Scabious eruptions, which itch in heat of bed.
Side effects of SBL Acidum Muriaticum
There are no such side effects. But every medicine should be taken following the rules as given.

Dosage and rules while taking SBL Acidum Muriaticum
Take 10 drops in half cup of water three times a day.

We recommend you to take under physicians guidance.

Terms and Conditions
Homeopathic products have several uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending upon the conditions.

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