SBL Baryta Muriaticum 30 CH Dilution (30ml)

SBL Baryta Muriaticum 30 CH Dilution (30ml)

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BARYTA MURIATICA (Barium Chloride)
The different salts of Baryta are called for in organic lesions of the aged who are dwarfish both mentally and physically. Baryta muriatica has a strong action on heart, arteries, parotid glands, pancreas, muscles, joints and rectum. Baryta muriatica patient is chilly as he feels more of cold. He may be irritable as well.

Baryta muriatica can also be thought of in headaches, but without acute crisis, occurring in old people; heaviness rather than pain, vertigo due to cerebral anaemia and noises in ears. There is an increased tension of pulse and arterio-sclerosis where a high systolic pressure with a comparatively low diastolic tension is found in baryta muriatica patients. Nympomania and satyriasis ( increased sexual desire in females and males respectively) , convulsions, etc baryta muriatica has proved its great importance as well. There is icy coldness sensation with paresis along with gone voluntary muscle power in patients. Paresis may occur after influenza and diphtheria especially. Baryta muriatica children goes around with their mouth open and they talk through the nose.

Baryta Muriatica helps in the treatment of glandular affections like mumps. The middle ear gets inflated on blowing nose. It is also helpful in tinnitus with whizzing and buzzing sounds in the ear with earache. Noises on chewing or swallowing or sneezing. Feels better by taking small quantity of cold water. Discharge from ears is offensive. Baryta Muriatica is also useful in recurrent tonsillitis from exposure to cold. Tonsils are enlarged with difficulty in swallowing. It is also indicated in hypertension when there is high systolic pressure with comparatively low diastolic pressure.


- Dullness.

- Cowardice. Fear of people, Timidity.

- Sits still in a corner, Aversion to play in children.

- 'Imbecility'.

- Mania as sexual desire increases.

Generalities - Similar to Baryta carb but have more cramps, convulsions.


- Chronic catarrh of ear, nose, respiratory organs.

- Cramps. Convulsions, epileptic.

- Worse morning.

- Electric shock like sensations.

- Aneurysma, Arterio sclerosis.


- Tinea capitis ( fungal infection of head scalp )


- Inflammation of submaxillary glands with hard swellings.


-Whizzing and buzzing. Noises on chewing and swallowing, or sneezing.

-Earache; better sipping cold water. Parotids swollen.

-Offensive otorrhoea. Inflates middle ear on blowing nose



External throat

- Hardness of glands, like knotted cords.


-Bronchial affection of old people with cardiac dilation. Facilitates expectoration.

-Great accumulation and rattling of mucus with difficult expectoration.

-Arterio-sclerosis of the lung, thus in senile asthma, modifies the arterial tension


- Cramps.

- Gone feeling at epigastrium a good guiding symptom for it in chronic affections.

- Retching and vomiting. Sensation of heat ascending to head


- Aneurysm aorta.


- Sexual desire increased.


- Aneurysm.


-Great increase in uric acid, diminution of chlorides.


- Throbbing; induration of pancreas; abdominal aneurism. Inguinal glands swollen.

- Spasmodic pain in rectum.

Terms and Conditions
Homeopathic products have several uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending upon the conditions.

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