SBL Chaulmoograe 200 CH Dilution (30ml)

SBL Chaulmoograe 200 CH Dilution (30ml)

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SBL Chaulmoograe Dilutions
Common name of SBL Chaulmoograe Dilutions- Chaulmoogra

Causes & Symptoms for SBL Chaulmoograe Dilutions
SBL Chaulmoograe Dilution is a homeopathic medicine that has various health benefits. Formulated with the natural extracts of Chaulmoograe, it is effective in healing many skin-related disorders such as psoriasis and eczema.

Chaulmoograe Dilution has a calming effect and is also effective in reducing fever, body ache & loss of appetite. It is also beneficial in skin eruptions, nerve weakness & itching.

Indications for SBL Chaulmoograe Dilution
SBL Chaulmoograe Dilution is an effective remedy for skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema.It helps to minimize the itching and dryness of the skin.

It is also useful in healing bruises, wounds and sores. It helps to minimize the pain, redness & pustular discharge.

It has a calming effect and has anti-inflammatory properties

Chaulmoograe Dilution helps to minimize the muscle spasms and cramps. It helps to control the involuntary muscle movement & twitching of muscles.

Side effects of SBL Chaulmoograe Dilutions
There are no such side effects. But every medicine should be taken following the rules as given.
It is safe to take the medicine even if you are on other modes of medication like allopathy medicines, ayurvedic, etc.
Homeopathic medicines never interfere with the action of other medicines.
Dosage of SBL Chaulmoograe Dilutions
Take 2-3 drops of SBL Chaulmoograe Dilutions in 1 teaspoon of water thrice a day or dosage of SBL Chaulmoograe Dilutions should be directed by the physician.
Precautions while taking SBL Chaulmoograe Dilutions
Read the label carefully before use
Do not exceed the recommended dosage
Keep out of the reach of children
Use under medical supervision
Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and heat
Terms and Conditions
Homeopathic products have several uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending upon the conditions.

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