Similia India Phytolacca Berry Mother Tincture 1X (Q) (30ml)

Similia India Phytolacca Berry Mother Tincture 1X (Q) (30ml)

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About Similia India Phytolacca Berry(Mother Tincture)

Common Name: Pokeweed, American nightshade

Causes & Symptoms for Similia India Phytolacca Berry

The medicine is claimed to assist with weight loss, and treat fungal infections, tonsillitis, fluid retention, painful menstruation, mumps and stiffness of multiple Joints.
Phytolacca Berry has a good action in absorption of tissues, especially new growths.
It induces proper metabolism of the food and aids in effective digestion of food.
Phytolacca Berry helps in reducing fat from the body.
It is also used in complaints of Sore throat, swollen tonsils with difficulty in swallowing.

Side effects of Similia India Phytolacca Berry

There are no such side effects.

But every medicine should be taken following the rules as given.

It is safe to take the medicine even if you are on other mode of medication like allopathy medicines, ayurvedic etc.

Homeopathic medicines never interfere with the action of other medicines.
Dosage and rules while taking Similia India Phytolacca Berry

Take 10 drops in half cup of water three times a day.

We recommend you to take under physicians guidance.
Precautions while taking Similia India Phytolacca Berry

If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a homeopathic practitioner before use.

Avoid eating tobacco or drinking alcohol during the course of medication.

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