Sri Sri Tattva Karela - Jamun Juice (500ml)

Sri Sri Tattva Karela - Jamun Juice (500ml)

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About Sri Sri Karela Jamun Juice
Karela and Jamun both are very useful to eradicate a number of crucial diseases from a human body. Karela, which is commonly known as squash or bitter gourd melon, is very bitter in taste as the name goes by. But, whatever the taste is, this is full of nutritional elements and very beneficial for the health. Jamun, on the other hand, known as blackberry or black plum has a number of healing properties, and it is a very good cure for increased blood sugar problems.Karela Jumun Ras is a natural blood purifier which makes it perfect for regulating blood sugar levels. It has rich iron content. Sri Sri Karela Jamun Juice is hygienically extracted from pure jamun and karela.

Health Benefits of Sri Sri Karela Jamun Juice
Karela Jamun Ras is a perfect thing if one wants to control the blood sugar level in their body. This is a combination of things like peptides, alkaloids and charantin. Karela has some insulin secretion elements which neutralize the vital hormones and thus it stops the level of blood sugar level to rise high in human bodies. Jamun, on the other hand, has very low calories, which keep the metabolism system of a human body in a normal functioning state.
Karela Jamun Ras have anti cell growth elements. It has some unique elements, which protect the body cells from its abnormal growth, Karela Jamun Ras has natural oxidants, which have anti swelling effects and also prevent the growth of free radical cells, which cause cancer.
Karela and jamun have a lot of antioxidants. This helps to increase the defense mechanism of a human body and thus increases the immunity power of the body; so that it can fight easily with the bacteria and the free radicals and germs that can cause illness. This helps in protecting and normal functioning of some major parts of human body like liver, kidney and heart.
Karela Jamun Ras leads to a healthy digestion process keeping the bowel movement regular in a human body. It is a perfect thing to consume to have a hassle free digestion system.
Dosage of Sri Sri Karela Jamun Juice
Drink 60 ml per day before every meal twice a day as a nutritious drink or as directed by physician.

For Fast And Better Result:
Early Morning: Take Sri Sri Karela Jamun Juice with half glass of water on an empty stomach each day.

If pregnant or Lactating, Consult with your physician prior to using any supplement / Ayurvedic products.

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