Sri Sri Tattva Sudanta Gel (100g)

Sri Sri Tattva Sudanta Gel (100g)

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About Sri Sri Sudanta Gel
Smile confidently with Sri Sri Tattva Sudanta Gel, for complete oral care.

Its herbal formulation takes care of tooth ache, dental caries, bleeding gums, prevents bad breath, tooth decay and gives a long lasting freshness throughout the day.

Uses of Sri Sri Sudanta Gel
It provides complete oral care, it prevents gum and tooth diseases.
It is effective for toothache, dental caries, bleeding gums, tooth decay, toothache and bad breath.
Contains completely natural ingredients.
Ingredients in Sri Sri Sudanta Gel
Black pepper
Bakul and Mayaphal
Directions to use Sri Sri Sudanta Gel
Apply a dab of Sudanta Gel on a brush.
Rub gently over your gums and teeth for 1-2 minutes.
Precautions to use Sri Sri Sudanta Gel
Do not use it in sensitive areas of the skin like eyes.

If swallowed accidentally, consult a physician immediately.

Additional Information to use Sri Sri Sudanta Gel
Store it in a cool & dry place and away from children.

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