Willmar Schwabe India Badiaga CM CH (10ml)

Willmar Schwabe India Badiaga CM CH (10ml)

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BADIAGA (Fresh-water Sponge)

Badiaga has marked action in treating dandruff and coryza. There is soreness of scalp with dry and titter like dandruff. Pain in forehead and temple extending to eye balls with blueness under eyes. Badiaga is also useful in coryza with sneezing and watery discharge with asthmatic breathing and suffocative cough. Cough is worse in afternoon and better in warm room. Badiaga is also indicated in hay fever. Cough with thick yellow expectoration. Badiaga is also useful in glandular affections and rheumatism. Glands are swollen. There is stitching pain in nape of neck and scapulae. Pain in lower back, hips and lower limbs. Neck is stiff with muscles and skin sore, as if beaten.

Badiaga is a good medicine for soreness of muscles and integuments as if beaten to pulp that is worse by motion and friction of clothes, with sensitiveness to cold. Patient with Glands swollen glands and general paresis shows better condition with badiaga. Diseases like Basedow's disease also known as toxic nodule goiter where there is hyperthyroidism, bubo (enlarged lymph nodes ) and roseola which is a disease of fever and rashes occurring in children have also shown good results with badiaga.


- Ailments from excessive joy.

- Cheerful, excited.

- Desires mental activity.

- Badiaga patients are restless.

- Worse after thinking of complaints.

- Badiaga patients weep during cough.

- Mistakes in time.

- Dementia, paretic.


- SORE PAINS, as if beaten, very sensitive even to touch of clothing.

- Induration of glands.

- Syphillis (infantile).

- Injuries, trauma, concussion.

- Rheumatic pains: aggravation by cold, wet and stormy weather; cold air.


- Pain in forehead and temple, extending to eyeballs, worse in afternoon and motion eyes.

- Dandruff; scalp sore, dry, tetter-like. Dull, dizzy feeling in head.

- Coryza, sneezing, watery discharge, with asthmatic breathing and suffocative cough. Influenza.


- Intermittent neuralgia, worse by motion of eyes.

- Inflammation, aggravation by heat.

- Pain in paroxysms

- Twitching of left upper lid; eyeballs tender; aching in eyeballs. Intermittent sore pain in eyeball, coming on at 3 pm.


- Swelling of inguinal glands.


- FORCIBLE cough, spasmodic.


- Sneezing after coughing. Cough causes sneezing and profuse coryza.

- Cough caused by tickling in larynx, as if sugar was dissolving.

- Cough; worse in afternoon, better in warm room. The mucus flies out of mouth and nostrils.

- Whooping-cough, with thick yellow expectoration; flies out.

- Hay-fever, with asthmatic breathing. Pleuritic stitches in chest, neck, and back


Mouth hot much thirst. Lancinating pain in pit of stomach extending to vertebra and scapula.


Metrorrhagia; worse at night, with feeling of enlargement of head. Cancer of breast (Asterias; Con; Carbo an; Plumb iod).


Indescribable bad feeling about the heart with soreness and pain, flying stitches all over.


Sore to touch. Freckles. Rhagades.


Stitches in nape, scapula. Pain in small of back, hips and lower limbs. Very stiff neck. Muscles and skin sore, as if beaten.


Worse by cold. Better, by heat.


Compare: Merc similar but opposite modalities. Spongia; Kali hyd; Phytol; Conium.
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