Willmar Schwabe India Calcarea Arsenicosa CM CH (10ml)

Willmar Schwabe India Calcarea Arsenicosa CM CH (10ml)

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Calcarea Arsenicosa is an important medicine for epilepsy with rush of blood to the head before attack. In epilepsy, aura is felt in region of heart and there is a flying sensation. Calcarea arsenicosa is well indicated in complaints in fat women around climacteric, chronic malaria. Infantile enlarged liver and spleen are also seen in the patients of this medicine.

Calcarea Arsenicica is the chief remedy in the treatment of nephritis (inflammation/infection of kidneys) when there is pain in the kidney region. The kidney region is very sensitive to pressure. It is also useful in albuminuria. Passes urine every hour. Pain is more from slightest exertion. For the complaints of drunkards after abstaining from alcohol, calcarea arsenicosa can be thought of.

This medicine is also considered for fleshy women at menopause, slightest emotion causing palpitation (rapid and strong heartbeat). Shortness of breath with feeble heart, chilliness, albuminuria, dropsy have shown great results with calcarea arsenicosa. The medicine has also shown positive results in complaints of spleen and mesenteric glands as well as low blood hemoglobin and RBC (red blood cells) count.

Calcarea Arsenicica is also useful in headache which comes weekly with violent rush of blood to head and vertigo. Headache is better by lying on painful side.It is also useful in relief of palpitation caused by slightest emotions. Pain and constriction in heart region extending to arms.



- ANXIETY: about future, health. Anger.

- Slightest emotion causes palpitations. Sadness.

- Reslessness after midnight, 3 a.m.

- Desire for company. Confusion, delusions, illusions. Great depression.



- Obesity.

- Epilepsy and heart diseases; nephritis.

- Worse: cold, errors in diet, slight exertion, ascending.

- Better by rest, open air.

Food and drinks

- Desire: SOUP.


- FLYING OR SWIMMING SENSATION; as if feet didn't touch ground.

- Before epileptic fit.


- Congestion before epilepsy.

- Violent rush of blood to head with vertigo.

- Pain is better by lying on painful side; goes to side not lain on (Graph).

- Weekly headache. Benumbling headache mostly around ears.


- Region of stomach distended.

- Enlarged liver and spleen in children.

- Pancreatic disease; relieves burning pain in cancer of pancreas.

- Belching with saliva and beating of heart.


-Burning pain in cancer of pancreas.

Female genitalia

- Cancer of uterus.


- Pain in region of heart or rapid heartbeats before epilepsy.

- Heart diseases with kidney affections.


- Pain in upper limbs or left hand before epilepsy.


- Kidney region sensitive to pressure. Albuminuria, passes urine every hour.


- Constriction and pain in region of heart, suffocating feeling, palpitation, oppression and throbbing and pain in back extending to arms.


- Offensive, bloody leucorrh?a. Cancer of uterus; burning pain in uterus and vagina.


- Pain and stiffness near nape of neck. Violent backache, throbbing, drives out of bed.


- Removes inflammatory products in veins of lower extremities. Weariness and lameness of lower limbs.


- Worse from slight exertion.
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