Willmar Schwabe India Cedron 6 CH (30ml)

Willmar Schwabe India Cedron 6 CH (30ml)

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CEDRON (Rattlesnake Bean)

Cedron has marked action on pain around eyes, shooting over the left eye. There is severe pain in the eye ball radiating around eye shooting into nose. Periodic supra orbital neuralgia with burning tears from eyes. Clock like periodicity is marked in recurrence of symptoms.

Cedron is particularly useful in tropical or in damp, warm, marshy countries. Cedron has been found curative in malarial affections, especially neuralgia. Cedron is adapted to persons of a voluptuous disposition, excitable, nervous temperament. Cedron also has the powers of antidoting snake-bites and stings of insects. Tincture of pure bean is scraped on wound.

Cedron is also indicated in intermittent fever when there is clock wise recurrence in successive attacks of fever and chill. There is mental excitement before the chill, with coldness during the chill and thirst for warm drinks in heat stage. The heat state is followed by profuse perspiration.


- Excitable, nervous persons of voluptuous disposition.

- Mildness, aversion to company, but when alone he becomes worse.

- Aversion and fear of friends.

- Shuns the bed, fear of the bed.

- Excitement before chill.

- Restlessness drives from place to place.

- Sadness, with heaviness of body; after coition.

- Weakness of memory for persons.



- Exactly the same hour, esp. worse at 9 a.m. , 4 p.m.

- Malarial affections.

- Neuralgic pains.

- Worse after sleep, lying down, night, before storm, open air, after coition: in women, chorea; in men.

- Better by Standing erect.

- Convulsions, chorea (trembling) worse during menses.


- Headache with numbness over whole body.

- Pain above eyes, worse on left eye, after coition, before storm, night, open air; better by cold applications.


- Severe pain in left eyeball, radiating around eye, shooting into nose.

- Supra-orbital neuralgia.

- Burning like fire.


- Noises.


- Pale, bluish, worse during menses.

- Neuralgia aggravated at 7-8 p.m.


- Stammering after coition.

- Sensation of paralysis of tongue during menses.


- Involuntary urination after coition.

- Numbness of urethra.

Male genitalia

- Sexual desire increased, aggravated at sunrise.

Female genitalia

- Sexual desire increased, morning in bed.

- Abortion at the same period.

- Puerperal convulsions at regular intervals, begins with pain in left temple.


- Perspiration on axilla.


- Chorea (trembling), aggravation by coition.

- Pain right deltoid (shoulder muscles).

- Numbness before or during fever.


- At 4 a.m. that is followed by perspiration.

- At 3 or 4 p.m.
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