Willmar Schwabe India Copaiva Mother Tincture 1X (Q) (30ml)

Willmar Schwabe India Copaiva Mother Tincture 1X (Q) (30ml)

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Copaiva officinalis(Mother Tincture)
Tincture of the balsam.

Common Name: Copaiva, Copaifera officinalis.

Causes & Symptoms for Copaiva officinalis
It affects the skin and mucous membranes generally for Acne, Urticaria.
Copaiva is indicated in old men and women suffering from urinary complaints leading to frequent urination or scanty urination.
Burning and itching at the anus caused by piles is relieved with Copaiva.
Dry, painful cough, with dryness in the larynx with spitting of blood.
Large red blotches all over the body, with constipation marks the indication of Copaiva.
Mind and Head

Excessive sensitiveness of whole nervous system with starting at the least noise indicates Copaiva.

Weeping with anxiety about ones own health.

Copaiva relieves the One sided headache specially the left side with burning pains, sense of coldness in part,

Headache better pressing head back against collar of coat, gentle pressure by hand indicates this medicine.

Sensitive scalp with falling out of hair.

Eyes, Ear , Nose

Burning sensation in the eyes with black spots in the vision.

Excessive sensitiveness of hearing, especially to sharp sounds.

Burning sensation and dryness of the nose.

Profuse yellow and green, thick, fetid discharge from nasal passages running down throat at night indicates Copaiva.

Mouth and throat

Red humid tetter on upper lip, which is swollen and painful when touched.

Sense of coldness in teeth, Swelling of both tonsils is recovered with this medicine.

Phlegm in mouth and throat, which is constantly reproduced is relieved with Copaiva.

Stomach and abdomen

Gastric troubles during menstruation.

Gas and intestinal flatulence, Inclination to vomit, Every article of food seems too salt indicates Copaiva.

Sensation of burning, tearing in the abdomen with Pressing pain in region of spleen, Distension and fullness after eating.

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