Amazing Benefits of Homeopathy Medicine for Cough

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With changing weather, irritating cough emerges as an issue with many of us. To cure this prolonged issue, Homeopathy comes handy which is a science that is based on similia similibus curantur that translates to ‘like cures like’. Since every patient is different, treating all using single medicine is not the right approach. Homoeopathic medicines have proven to be very much effective in curbing prolonged cough. Homeomall is one of the leading online pharma stores that deal in the sale of all ayurvedic, homeopathy and unani products offered by leading market brands.

Homeopathy is one of the popular branches of medicine which functions on the belief of self-healing. This branch is quite advanced and believes in analysing its patients and prescribing medicines which are created using natural plants and herbs. Homeopathy Medicine for Cough at Homeomall works best for those patient who refrain from consuming artificial and chemical medicines.

Since the dosage is very less in quantity, Homeopathy is considered to be more powerful remedy which is free from any kind of side effects. These medicines are available in different kinds and consumed as sugar pellets, tablets, gels, liquid drops, and creams. These medicines for cough are recommended after assessing a patient’s medical history and his/her mental, physical, and emotional health.

Effective Medicines for Severe Cough

Homeopathy is one of the best suggested treatments for cough and the medicines are mild yet highly effective at curing even a prolonged episode of cough. Some of the commonly prescribed Homeopathy Medicine for Cough that can work wonders in treating cough are listed below:

  • Kali Bichromicum: Highly effective in handling cases of severe cough and nasal discharge, this medicine settles accompanying issues such as swollen eyelids or chest congestion.

  • Aconite: It is advised in the initial stages of cough owing to cold weather and helps in bringing down restlessness and high fever.

  • Ferrum Phosphoricum: This homeopathic medicine is effective in combatting cough and cold and relieves form excessive thirst, sleep disorders, inflammatory problems, fatigue, etc.

  • Gelsemium: This medicine provides relief from cough related symptoms like restlessness, body ache, exhaustion, and chills.

  • Allium Cepa: It is advised to patients who have watery eyes and severe cough in the initial stage.

  • Euphrasia: This medicine is highly beneficial to treat burning discharge originating from eyes and settles the swollen eyelids, and controls coughs especially during night.

  • Mercurius Solubilis: Cough more than often followed by heavy salivation, pain in the ear, bad breath and sore throat. This medicine is a great way to treat and provide relief from these issues.

It is always advisable to consult an experienced and reputed homeopathy doctor before taking any of the above listed medicines. Even though these medicines are free from ay side effects, still it is best to consult a medical expert and get an opinion as which medicine suits your condition the most. If you want to get homeopathy medicines without requiring a market tour, you can simply visit and place your order whilst availing great deals and discounts.


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